When you discuss Medicare, so many people have their personal opinions about Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans versus Medicare Advantage plans. Some individual, even agents have very strong opinions about which product is the best and will guide you towards what they think is best for everyone, however, not everyone has the same needs. Here at The Gurney Agency, we want to educate our clients as to what the pros and cons are to each of these products and once you have knowledge of both options, then you can tell us what you think would be best for your situation. Once we narrow down the path you feel fits your needs and budget, we’ll then talk about the specific products that are available.

Whether you want the richest benefit Plan F with a stand-alone Prescription Drug plan or you want a zero premium Medicare Advantage plan that has Prescription coverage built-in, we have access to all the top carriers.

Our job is to educate, not sell. Call us for your no-cost consultation.