Group health insurance is a medical insurance that covers a group of people, who are usually the members of societies, employees of a common company, or professionals in a common group. Group health insurance helps companies identify and mitigate the risks face by their employees. Rising costs of healthcare have made it necessary for every employer to cover their employees and their families from financial instability that may arise in case of hospitalization. Also, group health insurance helps companies in attracting talented staff. Whether you are a small group or a company, you can easily retain the best talent in the industry by offering comprehensive health insurance coverage.

Almost all health insurance companies offer flexible coverage at affordable premium rates, which depends on a conglomeration of factors, like the size of the group, profile of members, etc. It works under certain terms and conditions, which are applicable to all insured members.

At The Gurney Agency, we strive to find your organization the coverage that will work best for your employees while fitting into your budget.