I highly recommend The Gurney Agency with great enthusiasm.
Trustworthy, competent, friendly, and professional, Sonny runs a great company!

They asked all the right questions and understood my insurance needs.
They worked with me to show me which insurance options were available for my specific case.
They explained several insurance plans and various network types.
They quickly provided me with the best options for my family.
They compared different plan benefits with my needs.
They helped me choose the most reasonable insurance at an affordable price.

On top of all that, they greatly reduced my stress, and saved me a LOT of money!

Working with The Gurney Agency was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Michael Peake, Client

When the Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare, was first put into effect, I, like millions of Americans were confused and a bit afraid as to how to enter into this unchartered territory. Little did I know that the friendly face sitting at a kiosk in a mall on a Saturday afternoon as the deadline to enroll was fast approaching, would soon become my saving grace. His name was Sonny Gurney.

Sonny must have seen the look of anxiety on my face and perhaps felt the fear in my heart when I read his sign. This man was my only hope. Sonny was kind, understanding, knowledgeable and above all, gave me the priceless peace of mind that I was going to be alright. Prior to meeting Sonny, I had tried making phone calls to several 1-800 numbers for assistance and was always left with more unanswered questions and concerns, feeling like a completely inadequate consumer. Sonny’s approach and professionalism was refreshingly different, as he had the welcomed answers and solutions I had been seeking.

Sonny found me a valuable metal gap plan that I chose to participate in. This plan ended up paying off greatly after an unexpected and extended medical stay of mine. He has faithfully called me annually to check up on me, to help make sure that I am in the most economical plan that provides me with the best coverage to meet my medical needs. And to this day, all of the expert advice and plan choices have never cost me one dime.

It has been several years since that day at the mall. I recently visited Sonny at his new, beautiful, state of the art office in Auburn Hills. Not only has Sonny helped me, but I have entrusted him with the medical insurance decisions of my adult disabled children as well. Sonny also made a house call to my parent’s home who are senior citizens. He patiently helped them choose the best plan to fit their needs. I exclusively trust Sonny Gurney, as he has helped my entire family with the single most important decisions of our lives, our health insurance.

Kathleen D. of St. Clair Shores, Michigan, Health & Supplemental Client

I am pleased to recommend Sonny Gurney as an excellent Social Security and Medicare advisor. He really takes a personal interest in each client and shares his in-depth advice. Phone calls or emails are promptly returned.

I met Sonny and his staff at a Social Security seminar and he stated that people have helped him through life and this is his personal obligation to give back. I wish him continued success.

Bob W. of Sterling Heights, Michigan, Medicare Client

I want to let you know how easy and simple the process was for me to switch insurance coverage from AAA to Michigan Insurance Specialist. One phone call and Jenna took it from there. She provided me with a great quote, saving me over $200 per year on my car insurance. She also saved me money on my homeowner’s insurance.

Jenna did it all, contacted my AAA agents to let them know I was switching, the whole process could not have been easier, making me feel very comfortable with the entire experience.

Karen C. of Bloomfiled, Michigan, Home & Auto Client

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